Code of Conduct and Ethics

EDC Roundtable Code of Ethics

 Each member of the EDC Roundtable represents the EDC Roundtable as a whole.  As such, each member must adhere to the Code of Ethics at all times on all platforms.

  • The EDC Roundtable is an inclusive space and is respectful of everyone.
    • The EDC Roundtable is not an appropriate platform for religious or political ideology.
    • The EDC Roundtable has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or hate speech.
      • This includes but is not limited to social media posts, including likes or comments on the posts of others on any platform. 
      • Hate speech is defined as any form of expression through which speakers or writers intend to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against a group or a class of persons on the basis of race, religion, skin color, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin. 
      • Discrimination includes, but is not limited to, anything that harms, mocks, or seeks to prevent the fundamental human rights of another person based on
        • Race
        • Ethnicity
        • Sexual preference
        • Gender identity
    • The final decision on if something is discriminatory lies solely with the EDC Roundtable founders, Joe and Stevie.
  • The EDC Roundtable respects the work of makers.
    1. Members of the EDC Roundtable will respect the copyright of other makers.
      1. Members agree that they will not post copyright or trademark items protected without the original maker’s express written consent.
      1. Members agree that they will not directly copy or replicate the work of any other maker, regardless of whether or not that maker is a member of the EDC Roundtable.
      1. Members will keep ideas shared by other makers confidential and obtain the explicit permission of the maker before sharing any information concerning design or marketing ideas shared by other EDC Roundtable members.
  1. Members of the EDC Roundtable will show one another respect in every interaction.
    1. EDC Roundtable recognized that differences of opinions and disagreements will come up occasionally.
      1. Members agree to handle these agreements respectfully and privately and abstain from public discord or criticism of other EDC Roundtable members.
      1. Disagreements with another member should initially be handled by speaking directly with that member privately whenever possible. 
      1. If a direct conversation is not in either party’s best interest, members should privately bring the dispute to the attention of the EDC Roundtable.
      1. Disparaging comments about another EDC Roundtable member on social media, or any other platform, are grounds for removal from the EDC Roundtable.
  • Violations of the Code of Ethics
    • Violating the Code of Ethics may lead to removal from the EDC Roundtable.
      • The two EDC Roundtable founders will review Code of Ethics violations.  If the two do not come to a consensus, the counsel of a third party will be sought, and this decision will be final.
      • In the event of egregious behavior deemed damaging or potentially damaging to the EDC Roundtable, a member may be removed without warning, and no membership dues will be refunded.
      • In the event of a lesser violation, the member will be notified of the breach and asked to take appropriate steps to correct the situation within three days.
        • Failure to do so, or unwillingness to do so, will result in removal from the EDC Roundtable, with no refund of any membership dues.
        • The member agrees that if the violation is repeated, the member will be removed from the EDC Roundtable 



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